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Beslan tuvo antecedentes con Yeltsin. De hecho, Basayev asaltó en 1995 el pueblo de Budyonnovsk y se atrincheró en un hospital en una república vecina a Chechenia de donde arrancó la retirada de las tropas rusas tras rechazar a las fuerzas de seguridad. Regresó como un héroe.

El asalto a un centro comercial y a algún objetivo policial en una ciudad europea podría acompañarse con algún atentado contra objetivos estratégicos para saturar la capacidad de reacción de las autoridades y causar el caos y la atención mediática. Y no digamos si se diera un ciberataque contra los servicios que controlan las comunicaciones de los servicios de emergencia. Hace años se hizo un simulacro CPX en los EEUU donde intervenían varias agencias federales, civiles y militares, y el caos que se generaba era de órdago. En aquellos ejercicios hubo algún observador de cuerpos policiales españoles.
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Fijense en esta noticia; las autoridades USA no se toman a broma lo de Bombay.
Mumbai attacks refocus U.S. cities

By Kevin Johnson and Thomas Frank, USA TODAY
The deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai are prompting new efforts to bolster security in the U.S. by law enforcement officials who fear the assault on India's financial capital represents an unforeseen model for future attacks on U.S. soil.
In New York, police are scheduled to participate in live exercises today simulating scenarios in the Mumbai attacks. Those will follow a morning briefing for 400 corporate security officers from businesses throughout the city, New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne says.

Boston police have increased surveillance citywide and are monitoring hotels more closely, says Police Commissioner Ed Davis. Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske met with fire officials this week to review building plans and emergency preparations.

"I think … what happened in India is going to put a new focus on emergency preparations all over," says Kerlikowske, president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

In a warning this week to its members, the American Hotel and Lodging Association said the Mumbai incident and the bombing of a Marriott Hotel two months ago in Islamabad "may be the beginning of a resurging and alarming trend of luxury hotels becoming magnets for terrorist attacks."

Since the 9/11 attacks, the FBI has warned that al-Qaeda could use suicide bombers to attack shopping centers and other so-called soft targets.

No international terror attacks have hit the U.S. since 2001. Yet the Mumbai incident has alarmed security officials because of the simplistic yet lethal nature of the coordinated attacks that killed nearly 200 people over three days last week. After arriving by boat, 10 heavily armed gunmen scattered to targets throughout the city, including the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers hotel, the local train terminal and a Jewish center.

"This is like Columbine and Virginia Tech quadrupled," says Miami Police Chief John Timoney, referring to the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. "In this one, there were multiple locations and much advanced planning. This (assault) was not sophisticated; it was not spectacular in that it did not involve planes or large bombs. It was pretty crude, and that puts a new face on this kind of thing."

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent advisories to hotels suggesting security improvements, said Kevin Maher, government-affairs chief at the hotel association.

For coastal cities like Miami, Timoney says, the water travel used in the Mumbai attacks is of particular concern. "Our greatest vulnerability is the water," the chief says.

Prior to Mumbai, DHS was focusing increasingly on terrorists using small boats, and in April published a security plan centered on the nation's 17 million boats that are shorter than 100 feet long. The prime concern has been terrorists ramming an explosives-laden vessel into a facility or a ship, but the plan also warns about terrorists sneaking into the USA on a small boat. ... htm?csp=34
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