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Inteligencia Singapur

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Como de este país no tenemos nada, he encontrado este pdf titulado ASIA-PACIFIC PROGRAMME FOR SENIOR NATIONAL
SECURITY OFFICERS (APPSNO), donde trata temas relacionados con la inteligencia y la seguridad, así como la postura de Singapur en la región. Es un documento de interés, de 2007, que tiene temas de terrorismo también.

National Security Coordination Secretariat (NSCS) formado por:

-National Security Coordination Centre (NSCC)
-Joint Counter Terrorism Centre (JCTC).
As part of NSCS, NSCC's operations include developing programs for risk assessment, public awareness and education. It also monitors the on-going development of capabilities to address threats stemming from biological, chemical, radiological and cyber terrorism, as well as initiatives to enhance aviation, maritime and land transport security. In essence, a very important responsibility of the NSCC is to build up, together with national think-tanks, a better and deeper understanding of the ideology hich fuels the anger and motivations of terrorists.
As a result, the Singapore security framework was
reviewed in 2003-2004, and now consists of a Security Policy
Review Committee (SPRC) comprising two committees, namely
the National Security Co-ordination Committee (NSCCom) and
the Intelligence Co-ordination Committee (ICC). Both NSCCom
and ICC meet monthly to not only discuss ways and methods
in dealing with terrorism, but also provide risk assessments
of various security issues. In addition, Inter-Ministry Committees
have been established to focus on specific areas such
as public transport security, homeland crisis management and
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