Inteligencia turca: National Intelligence Organization (MIT)

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Inteligencia turca: National Intelligence Organization (MIT)

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En este inglés macarrónico, traducido de la fuente original en árabe, hay una descripción del servicio de inteligencia turco.
The activities of the Turkish Secret Service, in the region (Top Secret) activities of the security apparatus secret Turkish activities in the region,

The Turkish Secret Service in the region is the Turkish secret Aalaman service active in the Middle and Near East, and because of the Turkish State Geopolitekeya those regions. History is due to the Secret Service, the National Security Service (MAH), which was established in 1927, when the Turkish leader Kemal Ataturk cleared former elements, the composition of the National Security Service under the command Shockro Augel high.

During the Second World War saw Turkey increased intelligence activity by the British, Soviets and Germans .. One of the most prominent trends of the national security service reports estimating positions successfully predicted that Germany would not invade Turkey, has reinforced the position estimate intelligence Turkish President Einauno government, in its adherence to the growing non-involvement in the Second World War alongside the Allies .. And not respond to the pressures they faced large Turkish government by the then Soviet Union and the United States, to support the military confrontation war against Nazi Germany then. In 1965 was the composition of the National Intelligence Service (MIT), to replace the National Security Service. The Turkish Parliament passed on July 22, 1965 Law No. 644 on the new National Intelligence Body. Management and Administration oversees the National Intelligence Service Director, at the Turkish Minister, and reports directly to Turkish Prime Minister ..

In terms of organization consists of the seven districts, namely :

-Chancellery legal.
- Public Relations and Information.
- Inspection and oversight.
- Coordination Division General.
- Intelligence Division, comprising : intelligence, psychological intelligence, electronic intelligence, artistic, and computer systems.
- Operations Division, and includes : operations, regional area, missions and external representation.
- Division of Administration, and includes : personnel, administrative, training, Aleskertaria. Sectarian security known in every state, the external security is linked to foreign policy, internal security related domestic policy.

As the foreign policy is closely connected to domestic policy, the Turkish external security must therefore be closely linked with the Turkish policy of Interior : This attachment to the rule of the External Security internal security .. Applies to most countries in the world, but it is the Turkish state seems to be more varied and irony of this rule.

Valemmahbih belief Turkish intelligence security, no longer strong correlation Turkish internal policy, but in some cases, because of the involvement of the Turkish government in many regional and international alliances, which focuses little on economic cooperation .. In part, these conventions often focus on military security considerations cross-border ..

The Turkish foreign policy has begun engaged in the process of abandonment of regional cooperation and engage in military alliances and security since the beginning of the Cold War era.

The geo-political intelligence is the geo-political activity of the

National Intelligence Service Turkish (MIT), the following areas :
-area geopolitical regional geographical Turkish State,
Special three regional services are : the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, and the Zionist entity),

the Near East (Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Central Asia)

the Southern Europe (Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus).

International geopolitical area includes many circles, and that because of Turkey's foreign policy, international alliances and regional Prominent constituencies : the United States, European Union countries, Russia, China, India, the global nature of international organizations such as the United Nations and international economic institutions such as : the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization.

Being both the regional and international levels against the backdrop of political involvement in the Turkish Foreign regional and international alliances with America and Israel and their allies to shift career in the work of the National Intelligence Service Turkish ..

As has become the device branch of many security and intelligence regional and international levels. For example : Turkey is a member of NATO, a member of the strategic alliance tripartite military security includes : Jordan, Israel and Turkey, and the associated military and security agreements with the United States, in addition to being a member of the alliance, which includes some countries of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea region and West Asia. At the regional level, divided the activities of the National Intelligence Service Turkey in the following areas :

-Service Southern Europe : because of the presence of the Turkish minority, and the disruption of the Balkan region, and Turkish conflict on some Greek islands located in the territorial waters lying between Greece and Turkey, this region has become of interest to the Turkish intelligence service, and that managed to make inroads in this area because of the support of local populations minority Turkish identity.

- The Near East : a region seen as a Turkish strategic depth of the Turkish vital, especially as peoples of this region have relations with the cultural historical Turkish state since the days of the Ottoman Empire,

Turkey has gained special importance during the cold war because of this relationship,

The Turkish national intelligence service (MIT), a superbly able to penetrate inside the former Soviet Union, through the recruitment of thousands of Central Asian States, and has been able to CIA recruitment and exploitation of this advantage, allowing them to support and finance secret political movements that were active in the areas of Central Asia against Soviet rule .. It emerged this matter clear after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was the CIA, the most active in this area from the rest of the world, so that this agency was able to help the Turkish National Intelligence Service (MIT) and the implementation of one of the biggest and most dangerous covert intelligence in the world. that resulted in the deportation and transfer of large amounts of nuclear equipment and missile technology and weapons that have been found in Central Asian countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Extended covert activities Turkish intelligence in the district, to include the addition to the military activities and intelligence, represents a new dimension in economic activities, supervised Turkish intelligence on economic coordination between American companies, and the Central Asian States, in particular, Azerbaijan has managed the American neoconservatives, penetration in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Azerbaijan, Richard Perle has been (and Jewish-American leader of the neo-conservatives, alias (Prince of Darkness) has been a member of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Azerbaijan, the group has been able to secure the neoconservatives conventions, which allowed for Alaakudat Hellberton oil company of Vice President Dick Cheney to get their hands on a large segment of the activities of oil and gas production in the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan. well, the American oil companies in coordination with the National Intelligence Service and the rest of the Turkish state organs extension Turkish pipeline Baku (Azerbaijan), Tbilisi (Georgia), Ceyhan (Turkey), which will be extended under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to Israel.

Businessman Turkish intelligence involvement in this project the fact that the extension of the pipeline could be from northern Turkey head to Europe in terms of distance to the nearest Italy or Cyprus to the European markets from Israel ..

But Turkish intelligence reports and the pressure of the neoconservatives played a key role in directing the pipeline to Israel to be the final port of export. The penetration of Turkish intelligence, who supported and helped to penetration and the CIA. is penetration can not be viewed in isolation from the penetration of Israeli intelligence (Mossad), in the Central Asian region, where active components Turkish-Jewish origin-taking advantage of the cover of Turkish nationality in the service Mossad and Israeli interests. - the Middle East : the concern that the Turkish National Intelligence Service in accordance with the many considerations, and that is highlighted in the following :

• Kurdish problem.
• Iraqi oil exports.
• Gulf markets.
• Arab-Israeli conflict.

interested Intelligence Service (MIT) Turkish Kurdish problem, as they constitute a major threat to the security and integrity of borders and Turkey, this organ has been hunting for the Kurdish movements, and particularly the PKK, inside and outside Turkey,

Turkish intelligence has been able to implement a comprehensive secret war against the Kurdish movements, with the help and support capabilities of the intelligence international coalition, and the arrest of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Nairobi, Kenya, It is within the building of the Greek embassy in Kenya and one of the most successful undercover operations carried out by the National Intelligence Service outside the Turkish border, with the help of Mossad and the CIA. Kenyan intelligence and cooperating with the Americans and Israelis. the intelligence war between the Iraqi intelligence service and the Turkish intelligence is in full swing during the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, but after the invasion and occupation of Iraq, has become northern Iraq suffers from the phenomenon of a vacuum of power and authority, , which allowed the Turkish intelligence agency that enjoys freedom of movement in the north of Iraq, and currently monitors this organ Kurdish moves carefully and careful, because there are many customers Kurds within the ranks of this organ, it is possible to say : The Turkish intelligence has been able to achieve considerable success in penetrating inside the Kurdish movements in northern Iraq.

Perhaps within the current Iraqi government-controlled sector of the Kurds, who largely play an influential role in the Iraqi security forces and the current Iraqi intelligence. Gulf markets represent an important area for the marketing of goods and services exports Turkish, and therefore attention Turkish intelligence Gulf based on preliminary considerations relating to economic security, and secondarily supporting the American presence and military intelligence in the Gulf region.

This comes from among the concerns of the Turkish intelligence, Iraqi oil exports, securing the pipeline carrying oil Kirkuk and Mosul to the port of export to Turkey, and Turkish intelligence apparatus consider any danger facing the pipeline as a threat to Turkish security vital, and now this idea has become a deterrent to Kurdish movements, which until now has, despite armed attacks against Turkish economic installations, completely helpless and do not dare to do any military action targeting the pipeline transfer Iraqi oil to Turkey.

For the Arab-Israeli conflict, can say : The Turkish National Intelligence Service has benefited greatly from the social benefits of overlap between the inhabitants of southern Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean, and is currently deployed in the countries of this region of many businesses operating in the Turkish double the one hand, they carry out normal business activities, on the other hand, includes offices, departments Turkish many of the elements that collect information for the benefit of the Turkish National Intelligence Service.

No one denies extension of the historic Turkish Arab relations, No one denies knowledge of the Arabs and Turkey Turkish knowledge of the Arab countries ... but ambush is dangerous ties and security alliances Turkish-Israeli-American .. Although the CIA and Israeli intelligence played a countermeasure to Turkey and the intelligence apparatus in the Cyprus crisis, the Turkish intelligence agency, still open to cooperate in the interest of the CIA and the Israeli in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Based on the military strategic security, which includes Turkey, Israel, Jordan, and also conventions American security-Turkish-Israeli conflict, the intelligence information obtained by the Turkish intelligence system necessarily be transferred to the Mossad via a liaison office Mossad Bangura, Istanbul, and also to the CIA.

Similarly, the Turkish National Intelligence Service agent (proxy), which carried out operations to be assigned to undertake in the Middle East through joint intelligence operations room, which brings together Turkish intelligence and the CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

Turkish intelligence is also an important role within Iran, and now a lot of information flowing from Iran via Turkish intelligence to Israel and the United States .. It is believed that there joint chamber special coordination in the South with Turkey Turks, Israelis and Americans, and elements of the Iranian opposition, working under the direction and supervision of the American Incirlik base in southern Turkey. play groups and Jews Mizrahim Aldonma which settled in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire after they emigrated from Spain, played an important role in the military, security and intelligence Turkish, Turkish Jews has been able to penetrate inside the ranks of these services,

Currently, the Chief of Staff of the Turkish Jews, Turks, as well as for the Turkish National Intelligence Service, the Jews were able to penetrate the Turkish army in the most sensitive and important, such as the Division for the overall coordination, intelligence, operations and management .. which made it the Turkish National Intelligence Service a fully open before the Israeli Mossad, Because of the feelings of dual loyalty Many of the elements who had infiltrated the Jewish Turkish intelligence deals with the voluntary Israeli Mossad, Israel could now be used as door and window to get what it wants from the Turkish security forces, through the door for Israel to receive information in accordance with security agreements between them and Turkey, Through the window takes what it wants the Israeli Mossad intelligence agents mediated Turkish cooperating with him. sent in by Ismail 08:09 ... ecret.html
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What do you think of Obadiah Shoher's views on the Middle Ea

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What do you think of Obadiah Shoher's views on the Middle East conflict? One can argue, of course, that Shoher is ultra-right, but his followers are far from being a marginal group. Also, he rejects Jewish moralistic reasoning - that's alone is highly unusual for the Israeli right. And he is very influential here in Israel. So what do you think? uh, here's the site in question: Middle East conflict
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National Intelligence Organization MIT

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El National Intelligence Organization (MIT) estrena Ley con nuevos y mayores poderes.

Esta es la antigua, la nueva no la encuentro aún:
ANKARA — The General Assembly approved a bill that restructures Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT). The bill seeks to equip the MIT with the legal mandate to conduct undercover missions outside Turkey's borders and allow the intelligence community to request consumer data and technical equipment from private companies as well as state institutions. The legislation, moreover, declares the publication of leaked classified documents punishable by up to nine years in prison while stipulating highlevel appeals courts would have the authority to put the agency director on trial with executive permission. The draft bill was approved by the parliamentary commission in February but postponed until this week due to the Parliament's election recess. Some articles changed in the final version of the bill.

According to these changes, the intelligence organization is empowered to establish direct contact with any group, including terrorist organizations, which pose a threat to national security. Moreover, the bill also enables the MIT to monitor telecommunication lines and collect data relating to "terrorism, international crimes, and foreign intelligence."

The ruling AK Party, whose deputies sponsored the intelligence bill, maintains that proposed changes to the law will improve the MIT's capability to compete with foreign intelligence agencies by expanding its mandate and adding to the list of methods and sources available to the intelligence community. However, opposition parties remain critical of the bill, asserting that certain amendments to the existing legislation may pave the way for violations of citizens' privacy and impede press freedoms by stopping the publication of intelligence documents.

Critics also claim that the agency may abuse its extended powers, effectively transforming Turkey into an intelligence state. Proponents, however, argue that similar laws regulate national intelligence activities in a number of countries including the U.S., U.K. and various other European nations.

For instance in the U.K., according to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act of 2000 (RIPA) post offices, courier companies, Internet and telecommunication service providers are obliged to cooperate with intelligence services. Furthermore, in the Netherlands, service providers are obliged to provide requested information to intelligence services in accordance with the Intelligence and Security Services Act implemented in 2002 by the Dutch parliament. Moreover, the National Intelligence Center Acts for Spain and France, accepted in 2002 and 2006 respectively, contain similar articles regarding the obligations of service providers to intelligence services.

Similarly in the U.S., all financial institutions and credit bureaus are obliged to share personal customer details, including bank account records, credit reports, addresses, names and work history with the FBI in accordance with the National Security Letters Act. Furthermore in the U.S., the Right to Financial Privacy Act authorizes the FBI to request financial records from financial institutions.

However, no financial institution employee or manager is allowed to disclose data requests by the FBI. The Turkish legislation allows the agency to introduce a jail term of up to nine years for the publication of MIT's classified documents. Similarly, according to U.S. laws including the Intelligence Identities Protection Act and the Protection of Certain National Security Information Act, those who leak classified information related to undercover intelligence officers, agents or informants may face up to 10 years imprisonment. These restrictions and criminal sanctions were discussed in the U.S. Congress within the scope of press freedom.

However, Congress concluded that the disclosure of confidential information has no relevance to the protection of personal freedom and does not violate the freedom of press. Furthermore, there are similar regulations in European countries as well. For instance, in France, the disclosure of information regarding activities of secret service agents could result in a five year sentence and a fine of 75,000 euros (TL 218,500), as per the Department of Internal Security Act adopted in 2011. Similarly in the U.K., the disclosure of security and intelligence data may face up to two years in prison in accordance with the Official Secrets Act adopted in 1989. ... gence-bill
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Re: Inteligencia turca: National Intelligence Organization (MIT)

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Un miembro del MIT ha caído en manos kurdas tras un combate con DAESH. Imagino que no lo van a tratar como en un hotel de 5 estrellas. ... mante)&m=1
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