CHAPTER XIX

                         INVESTIGATION REPORT


     As CI espionage agent you must have the knowledge of how to prepare an
investigation report. An investigation report is an accumulation of agent's
reports in a concise summary of basic interrogations in which only the facts
are written down.


NOTE: Example #1 is the format for the investigation report.


     1.    Write down the date in which the report was prepared in the block
"DATE SUBMITTED" in the report.

     2.    Write down the "focus" information if it applies in this report.
This block is pertinent if the report deals with an investigation of history.
If this is not an investigation of history, leave this block blank.

     3.    Write down the category of the case in block "CASE
CLASSIFICATION". (Example: Espionage, Sabotage, Subversion, etc).

     B. If this is a Personal investigation of a SUBJECT (that is, in which
the SUBJECT is known) fill out blocks 1 to 10. If the SUBJECT is not know,
enter N/A (Not applicable) in these blocks.

     1.    Write down the name (last name in capital letters, first name, and
initial) of SUBJECT in block #1.

     2.    Write down the serial number, identity number, of the SUBJECT in
block #1.

     3.    Write down SUBJECT'S race in block #3.

     4.    Write down the rank, that is military or civilian, in block #4.

     5.    Write down the branch of the Armed Forces to which the SUBJECT
belongs, in block #5.

     6.    Write down the position that the SUBJECT occupies in block #6.


LN324-91 7. Write down the date of SUBJECT'S date of birth in block #7. 8. Write down the SUBJECT'S place of birth in block #8. 9. Write down the unit or the employment address of SUBJECT in block #9. 10. Write down the SUBJECT'S residential address in block #10. C. If this is an INCIDENT case (Person or unknown persons), fill out blocks 11 to 15. If this is not an INCIDENT case, write down N/A in these blocks. 1. Write down the incident's title in block #11. 2. Write down the incident's date in block #12. 3. Write down incident's time in block #13. 4. Write down the place where the incident occurred in block #14. 5. Write down the register numbers or serial numbers of any equipment that was involved in the incident in block #15. D. Complete the Control Section: 1. Write down symbol/control number or the file number in block #16. 2. Write down the name of organizations that are involved in carrying out the investigation in block #17. 3. Write down the name of the control office in block #18. E. Complete "Investigation Facts" section: 1. Write down the name of the person or organization that requested the report in block #19. 2. Write down the reason for which the investigation is being carried out in block #20. 3. Write down the information about the date of investigation in block #21: a. Write the date in which the investigation started. 187
LN324-91 b. Write down the date in which the investigation ended (If it has not ended yet, write down N/A in this space). F. Write down the "Present Situation of the Case" in block #22: 1. CLOSED: An investigation is indicated as "CLOSED" when there is no need for further investigative activities for the authorities to make a decision upon the case. 2. FINISHED/ELIMINATED: An investigation is considered FINISHED when the investigation has stopped for any reason that is not the conclusion of the case. 3. SUSPENDED: An investigation is considered SUSPENDED when the information obtained is not complete and all the tangible leads have been exhausted, but there is a possibility yet that new information will spring up in the future. 4. PENDING: An investigation is considered PENDING when the investigation is continuous. (or that there are many facts and leads to be resolved and developed yet). F. Complete the "Synopsis" Section: NOTE: THE Synopsis IS A SUMMARY, CONCISE, IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT, WRITTEN IN A LOGICAL SEQUENCE OF INVESTIGATIVE ACTIONS, AND ANSWERING TO THE MOST COMPLETE MANNER TO "WHO", "WHAT", , "WHERE", "WHY", AND "HOW" OF THE INVESTIGATION. RECOMMENDATIONS, OPINIONS, OR CONCLUSIONS MUST NOT BE INCLUDED IN THIS REPORT. THESE COMMENTARIES MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE TRANSMISSION LETTER OF THE INVESTIGATION REPORT. 1. Margins: a. Start the report three (3) lines below de black border in the upper part of the Synopsis block. b. The black border in this report will serve as the left margin of the report. 2. Enumeration of Paragraphs: The paragraphs in the Synopsis Section of this report will not be enumerated. 188
LN324-91 3. Classification of paragraphs: Each paragraph of the Synopsis will have the Specific Classification of that paragraph at the beginning. This is done by writing the classification of each paragraph in quotes at the start of the paragraph. (Example: (C) THE STUDENTS WERE 4. Convincing documents to the report: a. All convincing documents (or additional documents) to the report will be named in parenthesis within the Synopsis paragraph that these support. For Example if Agent #1's report supports the first paragraph of the Synopsis, you will include something like this within the paragraph: (Agent #1's report). 5. Classification of the report: The report will be classified according to its content, and what is stipulated in the SOP. G. Continuation pages: If the report could not be finished in the first page, it is continued in another page in blank, using the normal margins according to the SOP. 1. In the upper part of the continuation page, write the Title (Theme), or the name of the SUBJECT in the lower part and the Date and number of the file in the right portion of the paper. EXAMPLE: BENITEZ, Wilfredo D. DATE: 1 May 1988 FILE NUMBER: 50-88-0-1 H. Complete the "Distribution" Section in block #24. The distribution of the report will be made according to its SOP. I. Complete the "Reviewed by" section in block #25. The typewritten name and signature of the authority that reviewed the report is written down in this section. 189
LN324-91 INVESTIGATION REPORT DATE SUBMITTED _________________________________________________________________FOCUS (HISTORY) CASE CLASSIFICATION _____RAL _____RAG _____IAE _____IAI _________________________________________________________ IDENTIFICATION DATA 1.LAST NAME FATH. MOTH. NAM., INIT. 2.I.D. 3.RACE 4.RANK 5.BRANCH _________________________________________________________6 .POSITION7. DATE OF BIRTH 8. PLACE OF BIRTH _________________________________________________________ 9. UNIT OR EMPLOYMENT ADDRESS 10. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS _________________________________________________________ 11. INCIDENT'S TITLE 12. INCIDENT'S DATE 13. INCIDENT'S TIME _________________________________________________________14.LOCAL (BUILD. UNIT) 15. EQUIPMENT, ETC. SERIAL NUN. _________________________________________________________ CONTROL DATA 16. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FILE NUMBER __________________________________________________________________17. INVESTIGATION DONE BY (ORG.) 18. CONTROL OFFICE INVESTIGATION DATA 19. INVESTIGATION REQUEST BY20. REASONS FOR INVESTIGATION ________________________________________ 21. INVESTIGATION DATE START COMPLETION ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 22. PRESENT CASE SITUATION _____CLOSED _____FINISHED ______SUSPENDED ______PENDING _______________________________________________________ 23. SYNOPSIS 24. DISTRIBUTION 25. REVIEWED BY NAME AND TITLE SIGNATURE