CHAPTER XX



     A summary report (SR) is the vehicle used to summarize certain aspects
of an investigation, or give emphasis to key points of actions in an
investigation. This report is not as detailed and is not designed to replace
the Agent's Report. It is as the title implies, a summary. The (SR) must
contain certain favorable or derogatory (unfavorable) concise information
declarations, if it applies, this way the perspective of the case or
investigation will not be altered.


     A.    Preparing the heading.

     1.    Write down the preparation date in the "Date" section.

     2.    Write down the identity of the "Preparing Office".

     3.    Write down the SUBJECT'S information using the same rules in the
Agent's Report.

     a. Father and mother's last name in capital letters, name, initial.

     b.    Identification number.

     c.    Date and place of birth (FDLN).

           I.D. NUMBER: 111-11-1101
           PDOB: 1 January 1947, San Miguelito, ES


LN324-91 B. Write down the information to be reported in the "Summary Report" section. The text starts in the third line of the black line in the upper part of the block titled "Summary Report", leaving two lines in the upper part. The line or black border to the left of the document is used as a margin for all items. 1. Write down the numbers in sequence. For example: 1. 2. 3. 2. Write down the classification contained in each paragraph. For example: 1. (C) 2. (S) 3. (NC) 3. Write down the evaluation code (key word) of the information content of each paragraph using the evaluation system shown in the SR. The evaluation code must be written down in the last line of the paragraph in the right edge (Figure 1). NOTE: If there is not enough space to write down the evaluation code in the last line of the paragraph, the evaluation code will be written down in a line below the last line of the paragraph and in the extreme right of the document. Example:________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ______he left in a Toyota with Cuban license plates. (F-6) 192
LN324-91 C. Information Sources. Information sources normally are not revealed in the SR. If the report is kept within military intelligence, the source could be identified if the identification is necessary to establish the truth of the information. When the source is not identified, for security purpose, an indication of the access to the information could be included while the information about the source is not as explicit that it identifies the source. When the SR does not reveal the source's identity the copy of the office files should write down the source(s) identity. A code number must be used when the source's identity requires protection. Bibliographies of the sources could be added in the files when using more than one source for the same report. D. Information from other government agencies. Information obtained form other government agencies, except from the Armed Forces, will not be included in the SR. If other agencies outside the Armed Forces solicit the information obtained in the SR, the originator or the source must give permission for the information to be divulged. If the SR contains information that has been authorized to be divulged to other agencies, this information will be written in capital letters and underlined. Example: THE SOURCE WHO IS CONSIDERED TRUSTWORTHY INFORMED THE __________________________________ ___________(Figure 1, Paragraph 4). When this type of information appears in the SR, the following declaration must be included and must appear as a non-numbered paragraph and at the end, written in capital letters. (Figure 1, Paragraph 4). Example: INFORMATION FROM OTHER SOURCES OUTSIDE THE SOURCES FROM THE ARMED SOURCES ARE INCLUDED IN THIS SR. THIS INFORMATION WILL NOT BE DIVULGED TO ANY OTHER AGENCY OUTSIDE THE ARMED FORCES. E. Additional space. If you need additional space, two lines in the lower part of the document will be left blank and the text will continue in blank paper with normal margins. In the upper part of the white paper, the SUBJECT'S block will be placed at left with the date and reference files. 193
LN324-91 Example: 1 August 86 PEREZ-RIVERA, Juan A. I.D. NUMBER: 111-11-1101 PDOB: 1 January 1947, San Miguelito, ES he came into the restaurant and sat down at the corner table where was accompanied_____________________________________________ F. SR distribution. The last item of the SR is the distribution. The distribution will be indicated according to the SOP. (Example in figure 1). G. Closing the SR. The SR is not signed. The file copy will have the person s name who prepared the SR typewritten in the upper part at the document's right corner. H. The SR will be classified according to its content. 194
LN324-91 ____________________________________________________________ SUMMARY REPORT DATE ____________________________________________________________ PREPARING OFFICE ____________________________________________________________ SUBJECT SOURCE'S EVALUATION CODE ABOUT THE INFORMATION COMPLETELY TRUSTWORTHYA CONFIRMED BY OTHER NORMALLY TRUSTWORTHY B SOURCES 1 COMFORTABLY TRUSTWORTHY C PROBABLE TRUTH 2 NORMALLY NON-TRUSTWORTHY D POSSIBLE TRUTH 3 NON-TRUSTWORTHY E DOUBTFUL TRUTH 4 TRUST NOT KNOWN F IMPROBABLE 5 TRUTH CANNOT BE JUDGED 6 ___________________________________________________________SUMMARY REPORT ___________________________________________________________________ DISTRIBUTION ___________________________________________________________________ 195